High-quality development of the manufacturing industry, pickling plate industry in urgent need of upgrading

Compared to pickled plate, laser cleaning has the advantages of environmental protection, simple process, good cleaning effect and high degree of automation. In the context of upgrading market consumption and strict environmental requirements, the pickled plate industry has less room for development.

Pickled plate is a kind of product between cold-rolled plate and hot-rolled plate, which is obtained by removing the oxidation layer by pickling unit, cutting the edges and finishing. The pickled sheet has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality and low cost, and can replace some of the hot-rolled and cold-rolled sheets. Pickled plate is a subdivision of steel products, downstream applications involve machinery manufacturing, spare parts processing, hardware accessories, automotive, construction and building materials, rail transportation and other fields.

China is a large producer of pickled plate, pickled plate annual production capacity of about 12 million tons, but pickled plate capacity utilization rate is low, maintained at 40% up and down. 2021 January-June, thanks to the release of downstream market demand, stainless steel welded pipe prices, pickled plate industry production to maintain high growth trend, but into the second half of the year, due to increased production restrictions in some areas, pickled plate industry production negative growth. Overall, in 2021, China’s pickled plate inventory level is relatively stable, the market supply and demand balance.

According to the “2022 Global Pickled Plate Industry Market Situation Research Report” released by the NewSIQ Industry Research Center, in terms of production enterprises, China’s pickled plate producers include Baosteel, Shandong Jingang Plate, Jiangsu Suzun New Material Technology, HISCO, Anshan Steel, etc, of which Baosteel is the largest pickled plate producer in China. In terms of downstream applications, automotive is the main application area for pickled plates, followed by home appliance compressors. Midea Group is the world’s largest producer of compressors, and the annual usage of pickled plates for home appliances exceeds 200,000 tons.

The production of pickled plates is prone to cleaning wastewater, hydrogen chloride acid mist, waste tank liquid, etc. There is a certain amount of environmental pollution, and as the government attaches greater importance to environmental protection, the environmental assessment reports for pickled plate production lines are becoming increasingly stringent. At the same time, with the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, the market has put forward higher requirements for the performance of pickling plates.

Pickled plate applications are extensive, its manufacturing industry in China, industrial development plays a positive role. However, with the development of new technologies and materials, there is a risk that the pickled plate is replaced by laser cleaning. Compared with the pickled plate, laser cleaning has the advantages of environmental protection, simple process, good cleaning effect, high degree of automation, in the context of the upgrading of market consumption, environmental protection requirements tighten, pickled plate industry development space is small.

New thinking industry analysts said, China is a large producer of pickled plate, but in recent years, with increasingly strict environmental regulation, pickled plate business start-up rate is low. Pickled plate applications are extensive, the market development momentum from the downstream demand growth, alternative cold / hot-rolled plate, industrial structure optimization, etc.. China’s pickled plate market supply and demand balance, the future with the manufacturing industry high-quality development, pickled plate industry needs to upgrade.

Post time: Nov-23-2022