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Process: CNC machining
Standard: ASTM, AISI, DIN, BS
Dimension tolerance: ISO 2768-M
Surface roughness: As you required (For parts with high surface requirements, we can control the surface roughness within Ra0.1)
Productivity: 500,000

Specializing in the manufacturing of various machinery parts, our company is equipped with high-precision facilities and experienced operators, and our company has close cooperation with professional heat treatment, surface treatment factories, which enable us to supply high-quality products to European, Australian, and American customers. We can design and manufacture parts according to your requirements but also according to your drawings.

Why choose us?

(1) Adopting high power press machine to realize interference fit
We are using a high power press machine which can produce 80T thrust to realize all the combination of spindle head and steel tube for the air shafts. Light type air shaft is with 0.03mm interference fit.Heavy type air shaft is with 0.06mm interference fit. While many factories knock it in with a big hammer, no quality and accuracy.

(2) Adopting hi-precision cold-drawn steel tube as the shaft body
We adopt hi-precision cold-drawn steel tube as the shaft body. The thickness of this kind of tube is uniform so when the rubber balloon inside is inflated, all key strips will stick out at same height. And it will greatly weaken centrifugal force of the whole air shaft when it is rotating and will keep a dynamic balance.

(3) Adopting whole long key bar and pagoda springs for key type air shafts
We use the whole long key bar to form a good protective ring around the air shaft air chamber, and we adopt the pagoda springs which can bear 300000 compression. The key bar is made of aluminum alloy.

(4) Adopting special equipment to connect air chamber and shaft head
The connection mode between the air chamber and the shaft head is very important process, our company are using special equipment to realize it. Outside is buckled by siderosphere directly which can ensure good sealing performance and stability. Many air shafts produced by other suppliers, both ends are fastened by iron wire, this is easy to leak and is with unstable sealing performance.

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